Content, Blog and Article Writing

Content, Blog and Article Writing

Content Writing

Content. Blog and Article WritingWith their recent algorithm changes, Google has made it quite clear that only high-quality content will be rewarded with top search engine results. So for businesses looking to increase their search rankings and become more visible to potential customers, quality content is of the utmost importance.

At Business Website Solutions, we understand how important it is to achieve the balance between content that is engaging, informative and readable, as well as content that is highly optimised for search.

Our SEO content writing services ensures that the content we create for our clients is loved by both search engines and your audience.

Our SEO content is:

  • Based on keyword research, utilising premium keyword tools and applications. Our team uncovers what your audience is searching for and why;
  • Structured to entice search engine bots with the correct keyword density (header tags, meta descriptions, page titles);
  • Delivered with images that have also been optimised for search.

Blog Posts

Blogs not only enable sustained communication with your audience through a shareable content format, but when progressively published they transform into a content centre that provides cumulative value to both the brand and those accessing the content.

Having ‘on brand’, interesting and informative blog posts is critical to content marketing success.

At Business Website Solutions, we know what your target audience wants and with compelling blog posts you are able to engage with them and serve their need-to-know and quick-to-move needs. Through blog posts you are presenting your readers with a real opportunity to convert their information need into an ongoing relationship that drives return traffic, sales, subscriptions and referrals.

Article Writing

At Business Website Solutions, we understand the importance of writing articles that are not only engaging, but immensely shareable. What better way to spread your brand’s message than to inspire your readers to spread the word for you?

For your articles to be successful they should:

  • Answer reader’s questions
  • Be informative and/or useful
  • Be entertaining and/or amusing
  • Have a style and tone that reflects the personality of the brand/business
  • Inspire readers to share with their friends
  • Inspire readers to return to read more and connect with your brand/business

Our Content, Blog and Article writing services are available exclusively to our Website Design Clients as part of our Digital Business Growth System support services. Click here now to view our cost effective pricing, unlimited design revisions, unlimited technical support and the full functionality included in our solutions.

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