Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email MarketingEmail Marketing primarily consists of eNewsletters and Electronic Direct Mail (EDMs) and is among the most cost effective marketing methods available. They are trackable and measurable. They can specifically target messages, offers and promotions to your target audience at the moment they are most interested.

We provide both managed and unmanaged solutions for EDMs and eNewsletters as part of our website design and marketing support services . Utilising customer segmentation techniques, we can help you to ensure that the message is appropriate to the group it is sent to as well as using personalisation or customisation techniques so your customers are addressed as an individual.  We also provide complete email design to suit your company’s branding and style and further increase your brands awareness and reach.


Our solutions ensure your email is highly deliverable through specialised email delivery services as well as provide you the right systems to ensure compliance with the Can-Spam Act.


 Benefits of Email Marketing

Some of the benefits of Email Marketing that are just not possible with traditional print advertising:

  • You can track who opened your email and at what time
  • You can track, manage and segment your subscribers
  • You can track who forwarded your email onto another recipient
  • You can track what links a user clicked on and whether conversion or sales occurred

Our Email Marketing Solutions services are available exclusively to our Website Design Clients as part of our Digital Business Growth System support services. Click here now to view our cost effective pricing, unlimited design revisions, unlimited technical support and the full functionality included in our solutions.

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